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                       7800 ProSystem

                       Owner's Manual

The Atari 7800 ProSystem uses and produces radio frequency energy. If not
installed and used according to the instructions in this manual, the equipment
may cause interference with your radio and television reception.

If you experience interference while using the equipment, switch it off. If inter-
ference stops, the equipment is probably at fault. With the equipment switched
on, try to correct the problem using the following measures:

 Adjust the position of the radio or television antenna.

 Reposition the equipment in relation to the radio or television.

 Move the equipment away from the radio or television.

 Plug the equipment into a different electrical outlet so the equipment and radio
or television are connected to separate branch circuits.

If necessary, consult your Atari dealer or an experienced radio-television techni-
cian for additional suggestions.

A helpful resource is How to Identify and Resolve Radio-TV Interference Problems,
prepared by the Federal Communications Commission and available from the U.S.
Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402, Stock No. 004-000-00345-4.

WARNING:  This equipment is certified to comply with the limits for a Class B com-
puting device, pursuant to Subpart J of Part 15 of the FCC rules. These rules are
designed to provide reasonable protection from interference when the equipment is
used in a residential setting. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not
occur in a particular home or residence. Only those devices that are certified to
comply with the Class B limits may be attached to this equipment. Operation of non-
certified devices with this equipment is likely to result in interference with radio and
television reception. Atari shielded cables must be used on all 110 connectors; other-
wise, radio emissions may exceed Class B limits.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the product documentation
in this manual. However, because Atari Corporation is constantly improving and
updating its computer hardware and software, it is unable to guarantee the accu-
racy of printed material after the date of publication and disclaims liability for
changes, errors, or omissions.

Atari the Atari logo, 7800 TM, and Pro-Line TM are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Atari Corporation.

Reproduction of all or any portions of this material is not allowed without the
specific written consent of Atari Corporation.

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Setting Up the 7800

You’ll need the following in order to set up the 7800:
 A Color or black-and-white television.
 A flat-blade screwdriver.
 Adapters as necessary to complete the setup.

(Picture of Atari 7800 and hook-ups to TV)

1. Disconnect your present VHF antenna cable or cable television line
from the VHF terminal on the back of your television.

2. If the cable or line has a flat twin-lead connector, attach it directly
to the screw terminals on the bottom of the television switch box and tighten
the connection with your screwdriver.

If the cable or line has a round screw-on connector, attach it to an adapter
and then attach the adapter to the screw terminals on the bottom of the switch
box. Use your screwdriver to tighten the connection. (You can buy an adapter at
most television and electronics stores.)

3. Connect the switch box’s twin-lead cable to the VHF terminal on the back
on your television. If the VHF terminal has two screws, attach the switch box
cable directly to the screws, and then tighten the connection with your screw-


If the VHF terminal has a screw-on connector, you’ll need to get a VHF adapter
(available at most television and electronics stores). Attach the twin leads
on the switch box to the screws on the adapter, then plug the adapter into the
VHF terminal.

4. Move the sliding switch on the switch box to the GAME position. If channel
2 broadcasts in your area, make sure the channel selector located on the back
of the 7800 is in the o position. If channel 3 broadcasts in your area, switch
the channel selector to the • position.

5. Plug one end of the video cable into the jack labeled GAME on the switch box,
and the other end into the television jack on the back of the 7800.

6. Plug the small end of the power adapter cable into the connector on the back
of the 7800. Plug the other end into an electrical outlet.

7. Connect the Pro-Line joysticks into the joystick connectors on the front of
the 7800.

(Picture of 7800 and Joysticks)


Operating the 7800

1. Insert a game cartridge by holding the cartridge with the large label towards
the back of the 7800 and firmly pushing it into the cartridge slot. Always insert
a cartridge before you switch on the 7800.

2. Switch on your television, then press the [Power] button on the 7800. The
initial game screen appears.

3. Select the number of players and the difficulty level with the [Select] button
or the joystick handle. Then start the game with the [Reset] button or joystick
fire buttons. Use the joystick handle and joystick fire buttons to participate in
the game action. To pause a game, press the [Pause] button; press it again to
resume play.

The specific use of the buttons and joystick may vary depending on the game. For
complete information on operating a game, see the manual that comes with the game

4. To switch off the 7800, press the [Power] button and then remove the cartridge.
Do not remove the cartridge before switching off the power. To use your television
for television viewing without disconnecting the 7800, move the slider switch on
the switch box to the TV position.

Caring for Your 7800

Follow these guidelines to ensure continuing excellent performance from your 7800.

 Set up your system on a sturdy, level surface away from dust, grease, extreme
temperatures, direct sunlight, and high humidity.

 Avoid smoking near your system and keep liquids away from the components.

 When you switch off the system, wait at least several seconds before you switch
it on again. Always switch off the system before inserting or removing a cartridge.

 Switch off your system before cleaning it. Clean only the outside of the components,
using a soft, slightly damp, lintfree cloth. Do not use cleansers, abrasives, or

 To ship or store your system, repack it in the original factory packing materials.


Troubleshooting Tips

If you run Into problems operating your 7800, make sure:

 The television and the 7800 are switched on and the power adapter cable is
plugged into the 7800 and an electrical outlet.

 The video cable is plugged into the switch box and the switch box is connected
to the television.

 The game cartridge is correctly inserted (the large label facing towards the
back of the 7800).

 The television is tuned to the weakest channel (2 or 3) and the channel selector
is set to match (o for channel 2 or • for channel 3).

 The television is fine-tuned. Unless your television only receives color when
automatic fine-tuning is on, make sure the automatic fine-tuning is off and
manually fine-tune for the best picture.

 The television’s brightness, contrast, and volume controls are correctly adjusted.
Try switching off the automatic finetuning and manually fine-tune for the best

 The slider switch on the switch box is set to GAME for using the 7800 or TV for
regular television viewing. If you experience problems you can’t resolve, take
your 7800 to an authorized Atari service center. For the location of the
nearest center, call your Atari retailer.


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