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Atari 7800 Video Game System

Setting Up the 7800

To set up your 7800 Video Game System for use follow the
simple step-by-step guide shown below.

(Picture of Atari 7800 and hook-ups)

1. Turn on the TV and select a Channel which is not being used to receive
a television station.

Note: In the UK, most people use channels 1 to 4 for BBC1, BBC2, TV and
channel 4, so channel 5 might be a suitable choice.

2. Unplug the aerial lead or VCR lead from your television and plug one end of
the RF cable supplied with your 7800 into the aerial socket. Plug the other end
into the aerial socket on the 7800 (located on the back of the console at the far
right-hand side).

3. Plug the power transformer supplied with your 7800 into a free mains socket
and connect the small plug at the end of the transformer cable into the matching
socket at the rear of the 7800 console.


Atari 7800 Video Game System

4. Switch on the console by pressing the button marked POWER. A small light
next to the [Power] button should illuminate showing that the console is turned on.

5. Now use the tuning controls on your television to tune into the picture
produced by the 7800. This procedure is shown in the instruction guide provided
with your TV.

Hint: Tune the channel in exactly the same way as you would for a normal TV station.

If your television is of the type that automatically searches for a picture,
remember to store the setting once the TV has tuned into the picture produced
by the 7800.

6. Connect the joypad controllers into the connectors on the front of the 7800.

Note: If your TV has an automatic fine-tuning control (usually marked ATC or AFC)
turn this off for the best picture and sound quality.

(Picture of 7800 and controllers)


Atari 7800 Video Game System

Operating the 7800

1. Insert a game cartridge by holding the cartridge with the large label
towards the back of the 7800 and firmly pushing it into the cartridge slot.
Always insert a cartridge before you switch on the 7800.

2. Switch on your television, then press the [Power] button on the 7800. The
initial game screen appears.

3. Make selections from the initial game screen with the [Select] button
and/or the controller. Then start the game with the [Reset] button or
controller fire buttons.

4. Use the controllers to participate in the game action. Your 7800 system
includes two joypad controllers, each with two fire buttons and a thumb pad
instead of a handle. Generally, the fire buttons are for shooting at targets,
and the thumb pad is for moving game elements in different directions. To
use the thumb pad, place your thumb on the thumb pad and move your thumb to
control direction.

5. To pause a game, press the [Pause] button; press it again to resume play.

Note: The specific use of the console buttons and joypad controller may vary,
depending on the game. For complete information on operating a game, see the
manual that comes with the game cartridge.

6. To switch off the 7800, press the [Power] button and then remove the
cartridge. Do not remove the cartridge before switching off the power.

7. When the console is not in use for long periods remove the power
transformer from its main socket.

Starting the Built-In Game

Your Atari 7800 Video Game System comes with a game, Asteroids, already
installed. To play this game, do the following:

1. Do not insert a game cartridge into the cartridge slot.

2. Switch on your television, then press the [Power] button on the 7800.
The built-in Asteroids game title screen appears.

3.See the Asteroids game manual for instructions on how to play the game.


Atari 7800 Video Game System

Caring for Your 7800

Follow these guidelines to ensure continuing excellent performance from your 7800.

 Set up your system on a sturdy, level surface away from dust, grease, extreme
temperatures, direct sunlight, and high humidity.

 Avoid smoking near your system and keep liquids away from the components.

 When you switch off the system, wait several seconds before you switch it on
again. Always switch off the system before inserting or removing a cartridge.

 Switch off your system before cleaning it. Clean only the outside of the
components, using a soft, slightly damp, lintfree cloth. Do not use cleansers,
abrasives, or solvents.

 To ship or store your system, repack it in the original factory packing materials.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you run into problems operating your 7800, make sure:

 The television and the 7800 are switched on and the power adapter cable is
plugged into the 7800 and an electrical outlet.

 The aerial lead is correctly plugged into both the 7800 and your television.

 The game cartridge is correctly inserted (the large label facing towards the
back of the 7800).

 The television is tuned into the 7800 correctly. Unless your television only
receives colour when automatic fine-tuning is on, make sure the automatic
fine-tuning is off and manually fine-tune for the best picture.

 The televisionís brightness, contrast, and volume controls are correctly adjusted.

If you continue to experience problems you canít resolve, contact the place of
purchase for assistance.


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