Combat 1990

You select a tank and drive it out of the hangar. As you go
down the road, men salute you. Women hold up their babies who wave flags
as you go by. You stop precisely in the center of the pad at the end of
the road. You count down from 5 to 0 then press the shield button. The
opposing forces launch you up to the surface. You check your surroundings
and prepare to battle the enemy tanks that are approaching from the North.

     Press this only after inserting the game cartridge.
     Do not remove the game cartridge while the power is
     on. Don’t even think about it.

     Left/Right   Rotate your tank
     Up/Down      Forward/Reverse
     Right Fire   Fire a missile (maximum of 2 onscreen at once)
                  also disables shield
     Left Fire    Enables shield

     A/Expert unused
     B/Novice unused

     Temporarily stops game
     Second press resumes game

     Choose between game modes
     Single player
     Two player cooperative

     Begin new game

Game Notes:

Pressing Select or Reset will abort the current game in progress

Players have 5 tanks. When out of tanks or 5 minutes, the game ends.
One minute after the game ends, attract mode resumes. Attract mode is not a
screensaver and should not be left on CRT-based or plasma-based displays for
prolonged periods. A game should also not be paused for long periods as it
could cause screen burn-in.

     Enemy tanks score 25 points.
     Enemy saucers score 40 points.
     Energy pods provide 100% shields when driven over.
     The first tank starts with 100% shields, the rest start with 67%.
     There is no “friendly fire” for players or enemies.
     At the end of the game, bonus points are awarded for remaining
     tanks and shield energy.

The battle is over and you have won. You drive your tank through
the underground city. Everyone is out celebrating. Cheerleaders are
spelling your name. City leaders are waiting on a platform with the key
to the city. Your commanding officer is holding a stack of boxes, each
containing a medal for you. Beauty contestants are holding your favorite
beverage in one hand and the key to their room in the other. Planes are
flying in tight formation overhead. Even though you are in an underground
city, this does not seem at all abnormal. You stop and watch a parade of
public safety vehicles drive past with sirens wailing. They could be a bit
softer as it is disturbing your... You wake up to the early warning siren.
It is time to save the world again.

This game shouldn’t cause seizures. While the shields and
energy pods do color cycle, nothing blinks in an annoying manner.

This game shouldn’t cause or aggravate hand or arm related
afflictions under normal use due to the slow firing rate of the
player and enemy tanks.

If you experience any problems, take a break or stop playing.
It’s a good idea to interact with other humans occasionally anyway.