Scrapyard Dog Map 2-1

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World 2-1:
Bob's Scrapyard

-- Dumpster 1 = game; play the tune:
(assuming keys numbered 1-7)
Prize (in order): $5, $1, $5, $1

- Run into the first grey stair after dumpster 1.  Jump 6x for 6 cans.  You'll need them

- Take the low road.  DO NOT FORGET THAT YOU HAVE CANS.
You'll get 3 free cans on the low road, and may just use 4.  If you picked up the 6 earlier, you're doing good.
Plus, you'll get free money on the bottom.

- At the first stair out of the bottom path (or you can access it by dropping from the top path),
jump 8 times for 8 free dollars!

- After taking the lowest path, jump up the grey stairs.  When you see the first stair dropoff,
run to it and turn around immediately to avoid being hit by a tire.

- Dumpster 2 = magic cans for $2

- Always jump into Dumpster 3 to avoid a tire.  It's pretty close after dumpster 2.

- Dumpster 3 = Bombs for $5 each

Maps and info courtesy of Mord and John K Harvey.