Scrapyard Dog Map 1-3

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World 1-3:

Key to understanding tube-based maps:

 A      A 
12H3 12 12
2    3  4

-- The bottom numbers are "sections", you can see when playing.
The top numbers indicate pipe number in that section.
"H" means there's a hard jump.
In this map, it means that section 2 has 3 tubes, section 3 has 2 tubes, and section 4 has 2 tubes.
Wherever there's a letter, read the below.  You'll see that "warps" are marked with the same letter twice.
So, in this case, you would want to take tube 2 at section 2 to its outlet at tube 1 of section 4 to avoid
the hard jump in section 2.

A             B     CB      DE  D             FG    G               
1         123 12H3 123    1234  1H2        12345  123(4/5)  1(2/3/4)
1 2 3 4 5 6   7    8   9 10    11   12 13 14     15        16       

A) Tube game
- p = prize.  For this game, it's a whopping one dollar.

 A B
 A ?p
 B ?

- Pipes for this game aren't numbered (all others are).
- I don't think it's possible to use the bottom tubes of the second section.
I never made it there, without collecting the $1 and being booted.

B) Shortcut-- take it.
C) Shop-- time = 30 seconds for $10.
D) Shortcut-- since the hard jump in 11 is unavoidable, I recommend not taking this one, except to go backwards.
That way, you can have enough "oomph" to cross the chasm in 11.

E) Tube game-- skip this one, it's impossible to get the prize.
- p = prize.  For this game, it's a bomb.  And you can never get it (based on how you land).
- # means "doesn't work"
- H* is a one-way ticket to 15->G.

    #  D  F  H*
 #  B  C  E  G  G  Fp
 A  A  B  C  D  E
 0  1  3  7  8  15 20

Fast Solution (using T=top, M=middle, B=bottom):

F) Shop-- extra life for $20.  Good deal, first possibility for buying lives in the game.
Getting to this tube is hard, but you can get there from 14-5 jumping backward to 14-4.
Just don't overscroll the screen.

G) Shortcut

Maps and info courtesy of Mord and John K Harvey.