Scrapyard Dog Maps

General hints:
1) No one ever answers grey doors. Ever. I wish someone did.
2) Magic cans - they can be used whenever there are a lot of birds.
3) Bombs are sometimes useful, especially on fire hydrant.
4) Jump on enemies; don't can-them. You get free stuff that way.
5) Always recycle cans (money is good for buying things);
I recommend buying up until you hit a multiple of $5
with a few cans left for emergencies.

Level 1-1

Level 1-2

Level 1-3

Level 2-1

Level 2-2

Level 2-3

Level 3-1

Level 3-2

Level 3-3

Level 4-1

Level 4-2

Level 4-3

Level 5-1

Level 5-2

Level 5-3

Level 6-1

Level 6-2

Can You WIN - Or Will You Fail?

Maps and info courtesy of Mord, John K Harvey and Vinnie Vineyard.

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