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  • Asteroids Hints Hidden Credits Using the second controller: 1) On the main title screen. 2) Press the fire button. 3) Hold 'Up' and press 'Pause'. 4) Hold 'Down' and press 'Pause'. 5) Hold 'Left' and press 'Pause'. 6) Hold 'Right' and press 'Pause'. Thanks to Bob DeCrescenzo. Commando Hints For a map to Commando, check here. Crossbow Hints For a map to Crossbow, check here. Dark Chambers Hints For maps to Dark Chambers, check here. Dig Dug Hints Continue game play: Repeatedly tap Left Fire after the last life is lost. Obtained from Double Dragon Hints Defeating the Shadow Boss: Avoid fighting the Shadow Boss' companions during that battle. They will automatically disappear when the Shadow Boss is defeated. Obtained from Practice the reverse jump kick (Down+away from enemy+Right button) until you are good at it. This is the highest scoring move (Except for throwing the knife) that you can use and it is also one of the most effective. If you stand in the lower left corner of the screen and use the reverse jump kick it is almost impossible for the enemy to get you. Fatal Run Hints Checkpoint Passwords: Enter these passwords to get to the corresponding checkpoint: 1- Eagle1 2- Zebra 3- Lynx 4- Hornet8 5- Dolphin 6- Gorrilas 7- Turtle I wouldn't recomend starting from the last checkpoint unless you're fairly good. The enemy drivers are pretty tough near the end, and when you start a game with a password you get the same wimpy car that you get at the start of the first level. Thanks to Aaron Orman for these. Food Fight Hints Hidden Credits 1. Play one game up to at least level 23. This is easy if you set the skill to beginner and start on level 16. 2. After that game, on the level select screen, select level 23. 3. Hold the pause button on the console and do the following sequence with the joystick: Up, Down, Right, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left. Thanks to Dan Boris. Ikari Warriors Hints For a map to Ikari Warriors, check here. Impossible Mission Hints For the lowdown on the truly impossible Impossible Mission, check out this article from Digital Press. For a map to the first level of the PAL version, check here. Jinks Hints For maps to Jinks, check here. Joust Hints Hidden Credits Power console on and press select. Press joystick 1 down 53 times and then left 41 times. Wait for hidden credits. Thanks to Fandal. Meltdown Hints Passcodes Level Novice Expert 2 - 7967 8015 3 - 9682 8429 4 - 2728 5232 5 - 4149 0469 6 - 2909 9549 7 - 3063 3738 8 - 5229 2531 9 - 9030 3823 10- 0779 1735 11- 2955 3368 12- 5829 2891 13- 3212 1020 14- 6652 7402 15- 8692 2245 16- 1416 6157 17- 4761 1024 18- 0844 5485 19- 7571 4264 20- 8735 7192 Midnight Mutants Hints For a complete walkthrough of Midnight Mutants see this article from Digital Press. Ninja Golf Hints Hidden Joystick Test: Turn on Ninja Golf while holding down Pause. Screen will be black. Then let go of pause, hold down Select, and toggle the right-difficulty switch. Note: This will not work with a Devsystem 7800 or one with a non-original OS. Thanks to John K. Harvey for this one. Planet Smashers Hints Hidden Credits and Invincibility mode: Set the left difficulty switch to the right position and right difficulty switch to the left position. Hold the Pause button and power the console on. Release the Pause button and wait for the High Score screen to appear. Wait for 4th best score to appear. Then simultaneously you must set the left difficulty switch to the left position and right difficulty switch to the right position. If done correctly, the text "Planet Smashers... Programmed by: James V. Zalewski Datafast Computer Services 1989" should appear and hidden invincibility mode should be active. Thanks to Fandal Scrapyard Dog Hints For maps to Scrapyard Dog, check here. Three Free Cans on Eisenhower Lane: To get three extra cans, get onto the second level 1-2. You will be standing under a ledge. Go to the end of the ledge. DO NOT GO ONTO THE NEXT LEDGE. If part of your head is still under it, jump up three times for your cans. Obtained from Change background music: Move the Left Difficulty switch. Completing level 2-3: There is a large gap in level 2-3 that Louie must cross. Jump on the middle sewer pipe, then jump on the pipe to the left. Walk to the left edge of this pipe and, then run to the right. Continue running until Louie reaches the edge of the third, and lowest, pipe in the series. Then, jump to cross over the sludge gap. Obtained from Sentinel Turn On/Off Sound: Move the Left Difficulty switch to the left for sound, move it to the right for no sound. Sirius Hints For a map to Sirius, check here. Tank Command Hints For maps to Tank Command, check here. Tower Toppler Hints Tower Maps: Maps of the various towers are available here. Maps courtesy of John K. Harvey. Level select: Move the Left Difficulty switch to the left during game play to display other towers. Move the switch back to the right to select the currently displayed tower. Unlimited lives: Use the "Level select" code to choose the tower immediately before the desired tower to be played with unlimited lives. After moving the switch back to the right, intentionally lose all lives. Move the Left Difficulty switch to the left after the last life is lost, but before the game over screen appears. The next tower will appear. Move the switch back to the right to begin game play with unlimited lives. Obtained from Quick win: Use the level select trick to go back to level 1. Then play the game as normal but when level 1 is completed, you will get the game completed message as if you had beaten the entire game! Thanks to Edwin Nelson for this trick. Water Ski Hints For maps to Water Ski, check here.
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